Wednesday, May 27, 2009

litter in san francisco

i just discovered some seriously bad ass shit straight out of san francisco. two girls, mackenzie and rachael have created this jewelry line called Litter. and this is what i call some innovative bling. I saw some of their work on FashionToast a couple months ago, but never knew who designed the genius piece that Rumi was rocking in the form of shoe jewelry. So far, they still make everything themselves and by hand but they are getting so much great press that they are going to have a workload ahead of them, there is already at least a month's wait on some pieces. They do everything from  silver chain suspenders (or did anyways, sold out.) to sexy gunmetal shoe harnesses, stunning detail-orientated headbands and check out the sterling silver finger claws here

i basically just read their blog from start to finish and i fell almost as much in love with these girls and their awesome style as i did with their jewelry. i cannot be sure because there was no caption, but these pictures were on their blog about some crazy night  in san francisco where they decided to take their clothes of in the streets and get chained up. their documentation of a fun night out on the town is like, editorial material... and i love it. check out the jewelry after the jump. 


 i am not really sure what to write as a comment to the four pieces of art down below. (no pun intended)

ha!! dont lie, you know its discustingly amazing.


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