Friday, May 8, 2009

DIY to do list

i'm gunna go to the fabric store and buy some stuff and try making some shit.
  1. ive watched the tutorial, ive seen the awesome outcome. i will attempt to shread a tshirt this week.
  2. bought that shrunken jean jacket and its cute, but it wont compare with after i stud the shit out of that thing with the biggest brass pyramid studs i can get my hands on.
  3. lots of jersey material, maybe in an army/olive green?... lots of strips made into braids for chunky necklace wonderfullness. maybeee something like this?
  4. getting some rad fringe and making some boring shirt pretty again.
  5. give up my virginity to tie-dying. ive never dyi-ed and im gunna do it like ill never do it again. rawwwrrr.
got my holga all loaded up with film (thanks dad!!) cant wait to snap away in the sunlight.

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