Sunday, May 17, 2009

this is what i'm waiting for

there are numerous stores out there that do the copy cat chic styles of the runway on an affordable budget that us normal people can afford, but out of all those store... h&m, forever21, new look, mango, etc... i think most poeple are in agreement when i say that topshop is well, the top. the cream of the crop. the best thing since sliced bread. cool as a cucumber. a feast for the eyes. ok. ill stop. anyways my point actually has nothing to do with topshop and its amazingness, the point i want to make has to do with h&m. so, the matthew williamson collection was realised in france may 14th. meaning that store i saw on rue de rivoli two weeks ago, fully stocked with the williamson collection was.... a fluke?  i was excited that i would have another chance. buuut, talk about a letdown.  the collection was wayyy to ibiza neon 80's themed for me. ouch, harsh. anyways. i happen to be doing some research online, and found THIS fall 2009 collection making its way to the h&m empire.... and wowzas, studs! leathah! shoulders! layers! a color palette i can actually wear! i cannot wait for this. its almost, ahemm, topshop-esque?
another fall 2009 collection im slightly obsessing over is wildfox couture. i am not necessarily one for graphic tees unless they are 20 years old and feature the rolling stones, or something understated and supahh artsy (ha!)... but this fall lookbook made me want to have a sleepover with friends, dress up and drink champagne and have these photos to rememer it all.  i like vampires. i like red lipstick. i like fun. i like everything about this lookbook and im just going to go for it and say that it might be my favorite lookbook shoots i've ever come across.,



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  3. Red lips, top hats and short shorts? That's practically my religion summarized in the form of an outfit

  4. wow
    great looks