Friday, May 8, 2009


soo, my dad was in paris and the first day he arrived we were in such a time crunch before he had some meeting but he insisted we stop into h&m so he could pick up a cheap scarf to keep him warm. i obviously hadn't been doing my research because that day happened to be the release day of the matthew williamson for h&m collection... and the store was shockingly empty. i've been a fan of  matthew williamson's ethnic and whimsical prints for quite a while now, but obviously wasn't aware he had a collection coming out i could actually (maybe) afford. so basically my point is that the collection was pretty awesome. the bad news? is that i had to leave without really giving anything more than a second glance to an electric green embroidered silk tunic and colorful chiffon maxi dress, and SOMEHOW forgot to go back immediately after my dad finished his meeting that was apparently more important than me scoring some amazing duds via williamson. thinking back i thought it was better that i didnt spend the money i didnt have in the first place... however, i was harshly reminded of this error while i was browsing ebay one late night and stumbled upon some listings for the williamson h&m collection that were listed, AND selling for more than quadruple what they were being sold for in stores!!! i quickly realized what i thought might be an sliiiight debt-inducing purchase could have easily turned into a profit making miracle. lesson learned. so heres the reminder of all that could have been:

also, today i pretty much read the blog by HANNELI MUSTAPARTA from 
start to finish, and am officially obsessed with her and all her 
gorgeousness. no but seriously, those cheek bones? 
love love love her and her closet and her brain.

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