Wednesday, May 27, 2009

litter in san francisco

i just discovered some seriously bad ass shit straight out of san francisco. two girls, mackenzie and rachael have created this jewelry line called Litter. and this is what i call some innovative bling. I saw some of their work on FashionToast a couple months ago, but never knew who designed the genius piece that Rumi was rocking in the form of shoe jewelry. So far, they still make everything themselves and by hand but they are getting so much great press that they are going to have a workload ahead of them, there is already at least a month's wait on some pieces. They do everything from  silver chain suspenders (or did anyways, sold out.) to sexy gunmetal shoe harnesses, stunning detail-orientated headbands and check out the sterling silver finger claws here

i basically just read their blog from start to finish and i fell almost as much in love with these girls and their awesome style as i did with their jewelry. i cannot be sure because there was no caption, but these pictures were on their blog about some crazy night  in san francisco where they decided to take their clothes of in the streets and get chained up. their documentation of a fun night out on the town is like, editorial material... and i love it. check out the jewelry after the jump. 


 i am not really sure what to write as a comment to the four pieces of art down below. (no pun intended)

ha!! dont lie, you know its discustingly amazing.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

this is what i'm waiting for

there are numerous stores out there that do the copy cat chic styles of the runway on an affordable budget that us normal people can afford, but out of all those store... h&m, forever21, new look, mango, etc... i think most poeple are in agreement when i say that topshop is well, the top. the cream of the crop. the best thing since sliced bread. cool as a cucumber. a feast for the eyes. ok. ill stop. anyways my point actually has nothing to do with topshop and its amazingness, the point i want to make has to do with h&m. so, the matthew williamson collection was realised in france may 14th. meaning that store i saw on rue de rivoli two weeks ago, fully stocked with the williamson collection was.... a fluke?  i was excited that i would have another chance. buuut, talk about a letdown.  the collection was wayyy to ibiza neon 80's themed for me. ouch, harsh. anyways. i happen to be doing some research online, and found THIS fall 2009 collection making its way to the h&m empire.... and wowzas, studs! leathah! shoulders! layers! a color palette i can actually wear! i cannot wait for this. its almost, ahemm, topshop-esque?
another fall 2009 collection im slightly obsessing over is wildfox couture. i am not necessarily one for graphic tees unless they are 20 years old and feature the rolling stones, or something understated and supahh artsy (ha!)... but this fall lookbook made me want to have a sleepover with friends, dress up and drink champagne and have these photos to rememer it all.  i like vampires. i like red lipstick. i like fun. i like everything about this lookbook and im just going to go for it and say that it might be my favorite lookbook shoots i've ever come across.,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


i'm going to berlin, germany for 3 days at the beginning on june. quick, cheap trip with my brother while he is in paris. excited! i think the two places that i MUST go to this summer is spain and london. i'm kinda skipping out on italy for now. and greece is a must with the boy if that is at all possible before he goes back to the states given both of our money situations.

i just bought about 5 new pairs of tights. excited because they were cheap and can so easily modify and add a lot to a simple outfit.
  1. amazingly adorable little black heart panyhose, they are here.
  2. opaque tights with one black leg and one cream leg, thank you american apparel.
  3. i dont know how these will look on, but im willing to give the somewhat chanel-like knockoffs a chance.
  4. ok, here is where i might have been crazy. the word gothic is written in the description but i went with them anyway! i saw a little bit of the infamous rodarte tights in them somewhere... and i dont own a pair of fishnets so maybe this will be the closest i ever come to owning a pair.
  5. simple lace leggings via urban outfitters again.
my first attempt at shreading a tshirt didnt come out so well. so many holes, and it was quite uneven and well, just not as unbelievable awesome as the one Cocorosa has. not as easy as it looks in the tutorial, definatly need to give it another try.

here's some pretty pictures to stare at:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


holy moly the weather this week has been sooo dreadful. my boyfriend leaves to LA for 10 days on friday and ughh i am so jel. i could really go for a dose of america... maybe just a week, or a weekend! i would be able to watch lost at its orgininal time and be as wonderfully confused as the rest of all of america at the very same time!
speaking of lost, i was thinking that after paris i would maybe try living somewhere non-metropolitan and surrounded with beaches. basically just learn to surf and get that olive skintone that i used to have when i was growing up in arizona. at the same time, i completely thrive after the big city lifestyle... whether it was the fast walkin, fast talkin, dirty grimey streets of brooklyn and new york city... or the romantic haussmann buildings, the stinking homeless men, the cigarette covered streets and grey skies of paris... after living in new york city and paris, a girl has got to wonder, what's next?
of course getting my degree needs to happen sooner rather than later... and for that im thinking the easiest thing would be to go back to the states... to either los angeles or back to brooklyn. although, over the past couple years i have come to the conclusion that cold winters are not for me. winter sucks the life and soul out of a person who grew up in the sun, and also, i absouletly deteste wearing coats and all those horrible bulky winter layers. this is why la seems like a logical new destination for me to save up some money and finish school... yet i am still not sold on it. there are so many places to go and things to see, how can i decide! i have somewhat been putting off going to london, because i am postitive i will looove it, and it seems like a medium between the states and europe (enter: the language barrier).
i guess at this point the only thing i can do is travel as much and as cheaply as possibly around europe while im here, seeking new opportunities and new adventures and finding potential cities to make a new home in. i guess if i just live each day by day that things will work themselves out and i will find the destination i am searching for...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

les inspirations

shit man, there are so many beautiful editorials out there.
beautiful models, beautiful clothes, beautiful photographs... sighhh
so i finally joined maybe someone might read my blog now?
maybe not.

flowers and bathtubs... these are a few of my favorite things...
this outfit might be one of my all time favorite looks.
currently seeking: sequin blazer. preferably matte gold.
qui n'aime pas la vintage kate moss? ah, la innocence...
currently searching super big pyramid studs comme ca.

one of my favorite picsk from the cfda gala... go figure

one of my go-to looks, glasses and rouge a levres

Friday, May 8, 2009

DIY to do list

i'm gunna go to the fabric store and buy some stuff and try making some shit.
  1. ive watched the tutorial, ive seen the awesome outcome. i will attempt to shread a tshirt this week.
  2. bought that shrunken jean jacket and its cute, but it wont compare with after i stud the shit out of that thing with the biggest brass pyramid studs i can get my hands on.
  3. lots of jersey material, maybe in an army/olive green?... lots of strips made into braids for chunky necklace wonderfullness. maybeee something like this?
  4. getting some rad fringe and making some boring shirt pretty again.
  5. give up my virginity to tie-dying. ive never dyi-ed and im gunna do it like ill never do it again. rawwwrrr.
got my holga all loaded up with film (thanks dad!!) cant wait to snap away in the sunlight.


soo, my dad was in paris and the first day he arrived we were in such a time crunch before he had some meeting but he insisted we stop into h&m so he could pick up a cheap scarf to keep him warm. i obviously hadn't been doing my research because that day happened to be the release day of the matthew williamson for h&m collection... and the store was shockingly empty. i've been a fan of  matthew williamson's ethnic and whimsical prints for quite a while now, but obviously wasn't aware he had a collection coming out i could actually (maybe) afford. so basically my point is that the collection was pretty awesome. the bad news? is that i had to leave without really giving anything more than a second glance to an electric green embroidered silk tunic and colorful chiffon maxi dress, and SOMEHOW forgot to go back immediately after my dad finished his meeting that was apparently more important than me scoring some amazing duds via williamson. thinking back i thought it was better that i didnt spend the money i didnt have in the first place... however, i was harshly reminded of this error while i was browsing ebay one late night and stumbled upon some listings for the williamson h&m collection that were listed, AND selling for more than quadruple what they were being sold for in stores!!! i quickly realized what i thought might be an sliiiight debt-inducing purchase could have easily turned into a profit making miracle. lesson learned. so heres the reminder of all that could have been:

also, today i pretty much read the blog by HANNELI MUSTAPARTA from 
start to finish, and am officially obsessed with her and all her 
gorgeousness. no but seriously, those cheek bones? 
love love love her and her closet and her brain.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

camilla and marc

so im obsessed with this australian design brother and sister duo camilla and marc. the golds, the pale rose, and that moonlight silver! i think this one below is the perfect summer dress paired with a cropped jean jacket. will start the quest for a less expensive lookalike for my cousin's wedding in august at lake george. 

p.s. speaking of australian beauties, where the hell is gemma ward these days? i loved that alien faced doll. come back to us, gemma! wow, thank you google, she'll be back this year after taking a year off to travel and hang with friends. ugh, jel.