Wednesday, May 13, 2009


i'm going to berlin, germany for 3 days at the beginning on june. quick, cheap trip with my brother while he is in paris. excited! i think the two places that i MUST go to this summer is spain and london. i'm kinda skipping out on italy for now. and greece is a must with the boy if that is at all possible before he goes back to the states given both of our money situations.

i just bought about 5 new pairs of tights. excited because they were cheap and can so easily modify and add a lot to a simple outfit.
  1. amazingly adorable little black heart panyhose, they are here.
  2. opaque tights with one black leg and one cream leg, thank you american apparel.
  3. i dont know how these will look on, but im willing to give the somewhat chanel-like knockoffs a chance.
  4. ok, here is where i might have been crazy. the word gothic is written in the description but i went with them anyway! i saw a little bit of the infamous rodarte tights in them somewhere... and i dont own a pair of fishnets so maybe this will be the closest i ever come to owning a pair.
  5. simple lace leggings via urban outfitters again.
my first attempt at shreading a tshirt didnt come out so well. so many holes, and it was quite uneven and well, just not as unbelievable awesome as the one Cocorosa has. not as easy as it looks in the tutorial, definatly need to give it another try.

here's some pretty pictures to stare at:

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