Monday, April 16, 2012

La Dolce Vita....

In November in Milan I did a beautiful retro editorial with Andoni & Arantxa... and now it has just been published in Prestige Magazine in Hong Kong and View of the Times in Spain and elsewhere. Beautiful styling by Michele Bagnara .... marni and yves saint laurent dresses... prada bodysuits... mui mui shoes... ahhhh all so beautiful!
i love the fact that everyone says, ooh, Sofia Loren after they see this editorial, and that i keep getting booked for these retro shoots... so much time and effort in the hair and styling, it must have been so time consuming to be a women back then. In the make up in these shots, the use a strong tape to pull my eyebrows up and back... with an elastic strin
g tied around my head and the wig... in photoshop the tape disappears and I look like i had a facelift!

the beautiful hard working team

Sunday, April 15, 2012

dont be Jalouse....

April 3, 2012
I shot an editorial for Jalouse France.... the biggest magazine I have shot for yet... my agency told me it would be three photos in a story about jeans but it turns out the editors changed their minds at the last minute and the story turned into an 18 page editorial featuring me and two other models, Georgia Hilmer from New Jersey and Ellen Pinaffi from Brazil. There were now 12 different looks, each photo a different color background and theme. For the first three looks we had short cute black wigs on, and every look after that it was a race to change hair, makeup and nails, 10 times. The call time was at 9:00am and we finished the shoot at
12:30am!!! It was so much fun and the clothes were so amazing that I could have worked all through the night. The photographer, Jason Evans, shot the whole story in film which was the first time I shot for work with analog which was even cooler.... It comes out in the next issue in May so check it out!!

here are some behind the scenes photos:

the most amazing selection of clothes

and accessories !

our cute little choppy black wigs

the models

love those carven shoes but unfortunately they were so painful!

one of the makeup changes for the "gloria estefan" look

those gorgeous Celine shoes....

the silver look, tired and wearing acne aluminum foil-esque shirt

big and small

long legssss

makeup change

the photographer, jason evans

save the big hair for the last photo

1am... bags packed up and ready to go after the long long day!

Photographer: Jason Evans
Stylist: Anna Querouil
Hair & Makeup: Sergio Corvacho