Wednesday, September 16, 2009

le film - j'ai tué ma mère

"J'ai Tué Ma Mère" (I've Killed My Mother) is one of the most amazing and beautiful films i have seen in a very long time. It's a french-canadian film from Quebec about an gay teenage boy and his relationship with his mother. The acting by seventeen year old Xavier Dolan is seriously seriously impeccable, and what is even more astounding is the fact that he wrote the autobiographical story when he was sixteen years old, drafted a rough version of the script in three days at seventeen, directed and filmed the movie without a storyboard at eighteen, and was at the Cannes film festival receiving an eight minute standing ovation at nineteen. Everything was just so exact, the freaking perfect music, the costumes, the dialogue, there are too many specific scenes that i just can't get out of my head... and after seeing the movie I stayed up until 4am watching interviews with Xavier Dolan wanting to get inside this (gorgeous) twenty year old's head. He asked all his friends and family to invest and donate money for the film and started with 25,000, then a production house finally saw the potential and invested in the movie, and the whole thing was made for around 350,000 canadian dollars. As i am about to turn 23 it makes me feel like i really better start doing something amazing with my life asap...!
Here is the trailer for the film (which i have seriously watched 15 times) and it's in french, so if you don't speak french it will be hard to understand anything, but watch it anyway because you can still suck all the beauty and emotion out of just the trailer and hopefully soon they will translate it and release it in the United States so everyone witness the splendor of this film!!!

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