Thursday, September 17, 2009

ashes to ashes

ok ok, i knowww i am planning to move to barcelona (for those of you who dont know yet..... well, i am planning on moving to barcelona) and i know that i am already a little nervous for how my big city new yorker slash parisian wardrobe will work over there (however, i think ill be fine.... ill find myself some hipsters) and for how the hell i will pack up my life again, but this time into just two suitcases (and even that is too much).. Am i allowed one last last last parisian splurge for these hot hot boots by ASH so i can run around in style during fashion week and my last days in paris?? aye caramba i don't a word of speak spanish but yo queiro estos zapatos.

gee, i sure use a lot of parentheses and run on sentences

1 comment:

  1. i d.i.e. over these! seriously ASH has some amazing boots out right now! i want them ALL!