Wednesday, August 28, 2013

photo recap of the last 3 weeks!

in the past 3 weeks i have been around the world and back.
ny- germany-ny-brasil-sweden-ny-sweden-ny

my brother david came to NYC for a couple days which was the first time ive seen him in one year and 8 months so that was AWESOME.

fashion week castings started today. i arrived in NY from stockholm at noon and by 2pm i was showered and off running in the rain to the 6 castings. i made 5 of 6. 

last weekwend we went back to playland motel in rockaway beach 
for some final summer fun and disco dancing.

birds on a wire
girls on a runway

the williamsburg watch

Deca admiring her nail salon. 

subway selfie 

sleepless in stockholm. jetlag punched me in the face when i flew 
last minute to Stockholm from brasil. Dusk in stockholm.

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