Tuesday, July 13, 2010

hay amor aqui

its summer again and there are so many things i need to do.
last summer it was different, there was no time. no clocks no watches, just the sun spinning around us in circles making us dizzy from each other's company day after day. the nights are the same, long, hot and full of love mixed with wine, beer and thick foggy smoke from cigarettes and joints. less bars and more barbecues on our bright blue terrace. victor and i spent two weeks sleeping in a tent on the terrace. the crying seagulls would keep us up until the early morning when the sun would start to rise and remind us that we must sleep. ahh must we sleep? then we would wake up in a hot sweat from the sun pouring into our tent and remove whatever clothes we still had on in order to feel a fresh breeze on our sticky bodies. at the beach, the salt water stings my freshly shaved legs as i float in the ocean. the sky is such a pure blue. the water at barceloneta is cleaner today than it was yesterday but the sun is so hot it burns our backs. i want to go back to CadaquƩs.

we are camping in ibiza and formentera for a week in august. it will be my first time to an island besides manhattan. and my first time camping. i just want to play like a hippie and swim naked and run around barefoot. maybe just one night dancing ourselves crazy to some techno-house music at some overpriced and overrated (or maybe not?) ibiza nightclub. i need to get an underwater disposable camera for those clearer and bluer than i've ever seen mediterranean waters! can't wait!

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