Friday, April 30, 2010

rainbow love

zonza and raffa are the rainbow warriors. these boys have more cosmic energy together than any other two people that i know. i met them my first night in barcelona, june 28th 2009, while they provided the groovy tunes and doo wop melodies to one of the best nights i've had in years. hidden behind their long dark sardinian curls they decorate their dj stand with toys and tools of all kinds from the infamous ET (once stolen and graciously returned) to zoos of miniature animals, vines of flowers, sirens, plastic glasses, and more. zonza even keeps a full body skeleton suit hanging in his room for those crucial 'need a full body spandex skeleton suit' moments. (you know those moments exist...)

in august before i really knew them i was lucky enough to live in the same apartment with them for a week. one night before they played at plastico bar i witnessed their magic in the comfort of their own dining room. they had cooked themselves a hearty italian pasta dinner and armed with a fresh baguette and cold beer they sat and discussed their inspirations for the music for the night ahead of them with such concentration they could have been rocket scientists. together their creative force is mighty inspirational.

now raffa is galavanting around london with his perfect little swedish ginger girlfriend frida (come back!!) while zonza is still here providing us with his magical music selections at various locations around the barcelona night scene.

for a taste of what they do, download the following mix courtesy of raffa himself.


  1. so nice lauren! what a nice post. we miss you! /frida

  2. Thanks so much for the mix. Sweet candy for my ears.