Monday, April 27, 2009


so i spend so much of my time reading so many blogs and looking and so many pictures and its getting out of control so i thought maybe i should start my own something. even if no one ever visits this page it will give me some place to put my silly thoughts and pictures and i have a really bad memory so maybe writing my life down will help me remember things better.

i grew up in tucson arizona, lived in the same house my entire life. graduated high school and was set to follow the crowd and go to the university of arizona. a month before i graduated i woke up and realized what i would be doing to myself if i stayed in tucson for college. i then decided to peace out of tucson june 14th 2005 and moved to brooklyn, ny. after three and a half years in brooklyn, in the summer of 2008 i decided i needed a change of scene, so i decided to peace out of new york and delve into the parisian lifestyle and so i started to drink too much wine, smoke too many cigarettes, and speak not enough french. thats the story and im sticking to it. who knows what is next. my time is not over with paris but i need a slight need to return to obamaland and finish my degree, and los angeles just might be calling my name. well, it technically has been forever, since we have the same initials. on the other hand, the world is so big and full of options, i just need to discover the right one!

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